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Well, after reading the latest issue of Backyard Poultry magazine I showed my dh what I wanted him to build for me. While I gathered a marker, ruler, tape measure, etc. he had them finished before I could bring him the items I had been gathering..

His may not be as precise as the ones Dennis Pahs made in Laporte, Indiana, but they will work and the chickens won't care.
dh just used his reciprocating saw and was seriously finished in about 15 min. He just used two screws in the back of the tubs to anchor to the backboard and to keep them from rolling and then screwed a board to the front for them to land on. You can get precise steps in the new issue of the magazine.
I think the plactic edges look sharp and dangerous for the feet. I think both pics look like it would be better to remove the buckets and spread out a bale of soft 2nd cut hay. They dont need individual places to lay an egg. I got rid of dividers and have one big nest box that would fit 4 hens easy. The birds do look happy i must admit
The edges are not sharp at all...... plastic....pretty dull stuff really
....... also they tend to "step in" and not step on the edge then in. I think chicken feet are a bit more enduring than you give them credit for.
As far as the hay goes, well hay molds. mildews, and is like a "super bed" for mites, lice, fleas, and their ilk.
for my cochins i just use a 5 gallon bucket with lid sitting right side upwards.they have a hole cut in the side large enough for them to get in and out.use a brick in front as a step and it also helps it stay in place.works great for bantam size birds.
Nice, the open nests will be good in summer. I just cut out 2"x2" holes in the bottom of our buckets for circulation; don't know how they stand it, but two standard hens will sometimes crowd one bucket in the middle of August.
nice to see such ingenuity here.
dh put wood slat in front and slightly above the edge of the plastic so no sharp edges touch their feet anyway. You can see that clearly in the pic.
Good idea about putting air holes in there for summer. I need to get some clean hay. I just threw shavings in there for the pic.

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