Bucket trap - then what?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by fatcatx, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Glad you clarified, first thought was 'cecal poop':lol:
    Clever design....nice mod on 'walk the plank'.
    How many did you catch in there?
    How did you get them out of there?
    Rat bucket traps may work better on a deeper bucket/barrel...so they can't get out when using water.
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  2. A rat can jump out of a five gallon pail, easy.

    This is not going to work.
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    That is why the tilt plate acts as a lid.

    Caught 1 medium one. Bait was all licked clean so thinking it attracted a juvenile and my counter weight was too heavy to dump it. Adjusting down to 1 weight tonight. My concern was if I made it too light the adults would steer clear. We'll see tomorrow.

    Also should add that we are battling both roof rats aaaand Norway rats which complicates matters. Different sizes at maturity and Norway's are good swimmers.
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    Just in case you're thinking of releasing them, I read you need to take them at least 5 miles or they will find their way back.
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    While I don't enjoy killing them, I wouldn't do that to my neighbor... unless you are a really BAD neighbor :lol:
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