Buff and Barred Help! Roo or Hen?


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8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
Both look like hens.
Hard to tell from pics without close look at saddle feathers. These will be pointy on a rooster and rounded on a hen. If you have a rooster and you put these with him, what is his reaction? There is an absolute rooster to rooster behavior, with the neck feathers puffed and the territorial dance going on. With hens, it's more of a pecking order behavior.
The barred, I'm definitely thinking pullet. But, I'm not sure about the Buff. From the pic, the neck and saddle feathers look more rounded but that comb is really large for 15 weeks. I have 18 week old BO hens that have teeny tiny, pale combs. His/her legs look really large too. So . . . .I don't know.
gotta agree with the barred being a female and buff being a male. my buff is 21 weeks and her comb is smaller.
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