Buff Brahma won't lay eggs


6 Years
Apr 4, 2013
I have a 9 month old Brahma, that has never roosted, no matter what kind of roost I make for her, she hasn't laid an egg either. Do hens sometimes never lay eggs?
Probably a really slow maturer. I've had 2 pullets of different breeds hold out for 11 months before laying an egg. Both went broody about a month into laying. Brahmas are a slow maturing breed.
do you have a picture?

I agree brahmas are slow to mature, but you're at an age when she should be laying. They're not know for being spectacular layers, though.

This is Britches, she is so slow and but sweet the last one to go back in the coop and run. She drinks alot of water and loves a running hose. I thought that maybe she was eating too much, but I believe she is just a big hen. I have never seen her try a hen box (I have twelve) but since she doesnt roost and sleeps on the floor, I wonder how she will feel about getting in a hen box. I have tried a very low but big wooden box on the floor but she just isnt interested in it. I have picked her up and put her on the roost and she will just sit for a few moments and croon at me.
Couple things come to mind here. In no particular order.

The rootsing thing, I have had a few Brahmas that have shown no interest in roosting. Just figured that's how they were wired.

The age of lay varies considerably in various lines. A general rule of thumb, the bigger the bird, the later onset of lay.

Another factor here is time of year. The fact that days are getting shorter is likely affecting start of lay. Good chance this same age pullet would lay sooner if it was spring and the days were getting longer.

Your concern about her weight is well founded. A very fat hen will often quit laying all together. Might be a factor here as well.
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I can't see her comb well in the pic, but from what I can tell it's not red at all, so probably not even close to laying. at this point I'd say hope for next spring!
My buff sunny, is about 13 months old and has randomly stopped laying...
i just got done breaking her 'broodyness' and now she shows no intrest in laying at all. she just stopped. with your chicken having never started laying, as many other people said buff's are late layers. i know this from the many other types of chickens i have had been laying a month B4 her. i believe buff's start laying at 7 months though. you say your hen is outside a lot? ever think that she lays somewhere else? trying keeping her in a coop for a day and see what shows up. she could be refusing that nest because she has already found another. once she realizes she can't get to her old nest, she might start adapting to the one is her home.

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