Buff laced polish with a BLACK feather?


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May 4, 2013
I just got 4 buff laced polish chicks at 2 weeks old last week. Two are frizzles...super cute. I noticed this one had a tiny light gray spot in its fluff on the back of its head. Now its crest feathers are coming in and it looks like it is going to have a BLACK feather on the back of its head. I don't know much about chicken genetics and breeding, but is this normal and will it always have a black feather there?
The black feather will probably fall out when the chick gets older, and may be replaced with the correct-colored feather. Young chickens often grow in some strange, off-colored feathers before getting their real adult plumage.
Oh, good to know! Thanks! Now to wait for all its frizzle feathers to come in and keep my fingers crossed that it is a she... :) At least I hope that one of the frizzles will be female. This one is very feisty though. Out of the 14 chicks I got, this one runs around showing its breast and wings spread to all the other chicks all the time. It's a fight-picker, which makes me wonder if it's not a cockerel. Or maybe it's just a pullet with a "weird hair" ;)
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