Buff leghorn? Egg color?


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Apr 7, 2015
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Alright, here is my little Noodle. I seriously thought that she was going to turn white someday but never did. So that probably means I was lied to.... oh well...

She has pink/white legs and white earlobes and that rather light buff color, so maybe she is a buff leghorn or some sort of cross? One factor is that she laid her first egg today and I can see the speckling of the faintest of pink hued blooms. So what color does a true buff leghorn lay? What could she be mixed with? Her comb doesnt seem to be fully developed yet(as well as the rest of her body) so I'm not sure if it will become larger like other leghorns?

I'm mostly curious because when people ask me I wanna be sure she is a buff leghorn or a mutt so I can tell them... ;P
If she was a leghorn she would lay pure white eggs and have yellow legs. Maybe she is a Catalana. They lay white to pink eggs. They only come in buff and have white earlobes, though they usually have black tails. The only other breed I can think of would be a buff Minorca, but again she would lay pure white eggs. Hopefully someone else will have a better idea than me. Perhaps it was just the fact it was her first egg that it wasn't pure white. Noodle is such a pretty girl.
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I agree she's most likely a mix. Leghorns lay white-white eggs, just like grocery store eggs. Buff Leghorns aren't a very common breed, either.

where did she come from?

A picture of her standing naturally would help us see her body shape better, we might be able to have better input on potential parent breeds that way.

Her tail also isn't very upright naturally, but she is wiley enough to be mostly leghorn. I was hoping if I could raise her by hand it could have been better but she is worse than our white. But very lovely I think so I love her anyway.

I got her from Baxter Barn which is supposedly a distributor of hatchery chicks. She was supposed to be a "Baxter Barn" leghorn, which was their own personal mix of some kind. When I asked someone on their facebook page what she was going to look like fully grown, they told me white or white with black spots, but she just stayed buff. I heard the guy who was selling them to me (who isnt known for his interpersonal skills) something about not being sure if he still had any so my guess is this was some random leghorn he must have had? Who knows.

My "Brabanter" also looks a lot more like a laced polish, but I heard they are hard to standardize due to being almost extinct at one point.

I really got to find a reputable breeder for my next batch...
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Here is noodles first egg next to her second egg next to our white leghorn egg. Her first egg is almost taupe, second very light pink. I wouldnt even have noticed the bloom but I saw the speckling.

Honestly I like having variety :)
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I feel I need to update. The place I got her from is now selling gold sexlink/leghorn mixes. That isn't what they told me, but it seems likely that is what she is. I have no idea what a sexlink temperment is like but she has classic leghorn flightiness.. it must be a strong trait.

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