Buff Orpington Color.

It is common for BO's to have some dark mottling on their tail feathers. Kind of what mildew looks like on a wall.

I was surprised when my girls started getting that as their tail feathers grew out, but Jody (Hinkjc) here on BYC assured me that was common and nothing to get upset about.
I have a buff orpington who's tail feathers look they were diped in black ink, just the very tips are black, but no mottled look. The man I bought her from was breeding blue lace orpingtons as an experiment. Some of the eggs produced beautiful blue laced chicks, the others buff. It seems a few of the buff as they grew got the black ended tail feathers.

I have to admit I was a bit dissapointed at first, but then I guess there is always the chance that if I breed her I might get a blue laced chick, so what the heck, plus she is the sweetest natured bird, even though she is so much bigger than the others she is never mean and is best friends with a tiny bantam wyandotte!
Its common for production lines to get black on there tail feathers. Mine did when I had them. Even my Exhibition girl has some light freckling on hers.
Mine are just 16 weeks and I just discovered the black mildewy looking tail feathers. Made me nervous all afternoon...couldn't catch them to take a closer look. Thanks for the info. Eases my mind.

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