Buff Orpington/Rhode Island Red cross


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8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
Mabelvale Arkansas
Ok guys, Haven't found much info about this particular cross breed here or anywhere else for that matter. If anyone has info on these birds please post. I have 12 right now at 11 days old and I'm keepin' tabs on em as far as age, size and maturity. I'm gonna keep postin' updates but if anyone has any knowledge please post thanks Guys and Gals.
ok I got more pic of them now they are 4 weeks now. they are friendly and love out side. I still have them in the house still to cool to pu them out . They love mill worms , vegs. and berrys, bananas, give them one snack a day. They wil come and sit on my hand and eat it. I am having so much fun with them.

there is one of my turckeys in there too!

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