Buff Orpington x Barred Rock results (pics)

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    Quote:The reason you got different colors is because BLUE barred birds are different than BLACK barred birds. Blue acts differently than black, because, when crossed with certain colors, can produce more variety in colors, such as khaki, fawn/dun, blue, black, platinum and splash. Blue, black and splash being the usual colors. Fawn, khaki, and platinum are too complicated for me to list off the bat. Those are the colors that most likely popped up with your girls. But because the rooster was BLUE barred, the color patterns were different.
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    That looks like a useful calculator there. However, I wouldn't know how to use it. Does it work for all chicken color types or just a few?
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    For the poster who said that if the roo was the barred one all the chicks would be barred - not so! Guess it depends on how many genes etc but I have a blue barred cochin roo and I have two pullets from him over BO hens and they are both not barred! Both have lighter heads, the one is more gold with a dusky darker body and the other has a 'dark gold' head with what looks almost a dark brown colour body.

    Are the offspring you are describing chicks or adults?

    From a barred male over a non barred female, irrespective of the colour of the male with the barring. The barring gene is inherited independently. There are a few possibilities for your experince with your blue barred cochin male. If your male only carries two barring genes all of his offspring will inherit one barring gene. If, however, he himself only has one gene for barring, your statistical odds of getting barred offspring are reduced by half.

    Another thing to be considered is that on some colours barring does not always show up well. This varies from individual to individual.
    I have had many coloured birds in which barring has not shown very well the most memorable being a red pullet. I did not know she was carrying barring until she was mature & I noticed faint barring in her fluff around her thighs. The barring however showed up well in her male offspring.​
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    Quote:It seems to do a fairly accurate job on all colors though it does assume pure colors (no hidden recessive genes). The easiest way to use it is to click on the "Browse M" and "F" to find the colors you are looking for.
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    I just found the BackYardChickenForum after doing a search for Buff Orpington/Barred Rock cross breeds on google. I was surprised to find so many of you that have done this recently. Here are some pics of my two week old BR (roo) x BO (hen) crosses. They are some cute little buggers. Looks like the color will be about the same as what everyone else is getting.

    This is actually my first successfully hatch of babies ever!!! 12 hatched; one we found in the yard dead; and one drown in an ice cream bucket that I was using for mom's water until I found the red waterer. My fault on that one. I've had a few hens setting this year but none ever stuck it out. This pretty Buff has done an excellent job at being a mother. My daughter shows them to everyone and she sais, "they are really cute, but you can't pet them. Their mom is really mean!!" [​IMG]

    I'll try to post more pics as they mature.
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    My Rhode Island red fathered chicks with my Buff Orpington hen and my Aracuna and Black Austrolop. Does anyone know what the chicks male and female will look like. I've identified the black sex links [barred hen] and red sex linked [ hen = Lace Wyandorf] . L:rolleyes:orenzo was a busy boy.
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    So glad I found this old thread. I just hatched a BO rooX BR hen chick yesterday and from the pics you were all so kind to post, I can see I have a pullet!!! : )

    I LOVE BYC! [​IMG]

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