Buff orpingtons- did I get 75% roosters ?


Feb 5, 2019
Highland, CA
My buffs are approaching 12 weeks of age . I know for sure I have 1 female , and the others I’m leaning towards cockerel . Can anyone confirm ?


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Warning: Amature here.
I'll be the odd man (lady)out. Three do have bigger redder combs, but hold on to them a while longer.
Last year I had two buffs. One had a large red cob and thick legs. I was sure I had a cockrell.
The other was smaller and had a yellowish comb that was much smaller. They both were pullets.
Same with my lavender girls the year before. One had a larger, pinker comb, and was thicker. Both were female. I did have 4 males and two females in that group. I almost sold the larger girl at 14 weeks along with the cockrells, but decided to keep her a little longer. Glad I did.
So, not saying they are all female just crossing my fingers for you.
The one on the far left is the primary one that definitely looks male. The one on the far right looks female. The other two I’d wait longer to be sure.

Of course, you could take more pics of all four, individually, while standing. Get a side shot and make sure the full body and tail are in the shot. Take closer pics of comb wattles, individually.

Those that have owned BO can see if they see any saddle feathers, etc and tell you from experience.

Hopefully you have at least 2 females!

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