build pics lmk what you think

Coop I ended up bigger 14 feet long 12 feet wide 8 feet high.
Walls are double insulated r13then 3/4 inch cover plywood. Next is nesting boxes and roost don't know if I want to build my own or buy these old metal ones I found
Went ahead and took the advice and went with Meyer hatchery jun 23 hatch date there's a few I couldn't get but hope to after my main assortment comes in.
Any I should add?

White Crested Blue Polish Sandard Female 1
BARF Barred Rock Female 2 $
SLPF Silver Laced Polish Standard Female 2
SSXF Speckled Sussex Female 2
GLPF Golden Laced Polish Standard Female 3
DOMF Dominique Female 3
BFBF Buff Brahma Standard Female 3
LIBF Light Brahma Female 3
RIRF Rhode Island Red Female 6
MRK Marek's (HVT) Vaccination
slwf Silver Laced Wyandotte Female 2
glwf Golden Laced Wyandotte Female 2
RIRF Rhode Island Red Female

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