building a homemade incubator?????? help please

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    Feb 22, 2009
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    hey guys what do i need to build a home made incubator and what do i use to make it stay the right tempature

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Do a search for
    Miss prissy bator
    potato box bator
    bread box bator

    basiclly you need , A container, lots of people use coolers , some use bread boxes ect made out of wood, a hot water heater thermastat, a light socket ,wire , and plug or a lamp kit, wire mesh, 40 w light bulb, piece of glass or plexi for window, duct tape or electical tape, pliers and screw driver , wire cutters. I am most likely forgetting something
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    I have built 2 in the last few weeks. I went to Wally-World that had a fish department and got a few of the coolers that they transport their tropical fish in (free BTW). While I was there i went ahead and bought a temp/hydrom ($7), a light kit ($6), duct tape ($3) and then went to Home-Depot and bought the cheapest thermostat that they had for a hot water heater ($8) and a roll of hardware cloth ($9).

    I already had a picture frame that I took the glass out of and then followed the guide lines of other people designs that you see on BYC.

    Just keep playing with the thermostat until you can average 99*. These thermostats will make the temperature fluctuate from 96*-102*. Add a bowl and sponge for your water and maintain 55% humidity until day 18, then bump it up to 65% and you will have a baby chick. I had my fist pip today using my homemade bator and I should have 5 more next weekend.

    good luck!
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