Building chicken run/coop. Will have questions...

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So I've finished erecting the frame for my AZ run. Next will be varying mesh & fence going up the sides.

I'm planning on having misters as well.

One question I had was whether or not there is any reason to NOT add solar powered fairy lights for nighttime. Would it be too much light for my 2-3 hens? They go on automatically at dusk and stay on all night. They are not very bright. I'll put a photo in the next post.


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The following photo IS NOT MY COOP. This is just a photo sample of the fairy lights I am speaking of. This is from elsewhere on our property but these are the type of lights I was thinking of using on the top center pole of my run/coop above.


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For any lights left on over night you need to remember that insects and many other anima.s (birds included) prefer dark at night. Too much light in places can disrupt a lot of things that we humans often don't think about :)
Hmmm... perhaps there's a little confusion on these "lights." These so-called fairy lights do not cast light any distance or illuminate anything other than themselves. The attached photo is accurate to how they look at night.

Nothing below them is illuminated-- can't see the chairs or anything. We get more visibility of the yard from a portion of the moon.

So the purpose of the lights (as someone asked above) is not to provide illumination of the coop/run. It really is just because I like how they look. 😊 I enjoy seeing them on the structure in the photo and thought it would be nice to have them on the run as well.

Being brand new to chickens, I wondered if it would be detrimental to the hens in some way that I'm simply unaware/inexperienced. They will have a covered, 2 to 3 sided area within the run for roosting.


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