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    Nov 4, 2015
    Hi all,

    I found some photos of how I built my aviary so I decided to share them. I had an advantage building this as the initial hexagon frame was an old green house that someone decided to throw out. I used treated pine sleepers to create a base that would be suspended from the ground so water wouldn't pool inside the aviary.


    Here, I marked out a spot in the yard and dug it in around 10 cm into the ground.
    I filled it with pavers sand, compacted it and watered it in for a few days. Then I levelled it off.
    I found free pavers on Gumtree and placed them over the frame with a 1.5 cm grap between each paver.
    I mixed one bag of sand/cement mix into a sludge and poured it over to fill in the gaps (the same way you would apply tile grout over newly laid tiles). When it started to dry, I gently rubbed off the excess cement with a wet builders sponge
    The roof of the aviary needed to be reinforced so I purchased extra steel rods and wielded them from the tip of the roof down to the middle of each face. The image below shows the original roof and unfortunately I did not take photos of the roof once it was reinforced.
    I used marine grade pine sheets (6mm as it was cheaper than 12 mm and a whole lot less heavier!). I then applied roof shingles. In hindsight, I should have down this when then roof was placed on top as the weight of the completed roof required 5 people to lift it into place.

    I wielded three bars obliquely to provide extra stability and strength. I used material netting reinforced with stainless steel wire (19mm aperture) as metal netting could not be neatly wrapped around the aviary.


    An extra 3 square meters was later added to create a flight wing (pun intended) to the aviary. Here, the kids helped out :).
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    Mar 9, 2015
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    That is awesome!! So inspiring!
  3. lalaland

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    beautiful, and what a great idea to use the hexagonal frame. I see those frames thrown out from when people bought the gazebo things . You are lucky you have the welding equipment to make them strong enough.

    thanks for posting all the pics.

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