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    May 15, 2010
    Two days ago, I noticed that my 4 week old barred rock (don't know if it is a roo or not) had a bulging behind. It was just hanging out like a bubble. My husband and I put some TUcks on it and today it has gone down quite a bit. He is eating, drinking and behaving normally other than he "struts" and "crows" which the other two are still just making "peeping" sounds. Does anyone know what the bulging business is all about. We have searched all over the internet and cant' seem to pin down what is causing it.
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    Quote:It sounds like Prolapse. Here's a thread with some good info about it, and some treatment ideas. You can search for tons more info, search (in the blue bar at the top of screen) for keyword prolapse, topics only, Emergency forum.


    Good luck


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