Bullies are yummy


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13 Years
Aug 20, 2010
Ruffin, NC
Got my first taste of home grown quail today, though it was but a mouthful or two. I have them in 2 cages, 4 in the small one and 6 in the larger one. I noticed the 6 were unsettled a lot. Today when I put a little sand in their sand tray I stood and watched. One was just a real A-hole! Chasing, biting, pecking, evil incarnate and all the other ones wanted to do was get the hell away from that fool. Took it out, and after a couple minutes, the rest were peaceful just like the other group.

Nice thing about quail, they aren't my "buddies" so I had no feelings whatsoever about killing one like I did with my hens. But I gotta say, Bullies are tasty.
hahaha, yea they are, quail really good when its marinated kinda Asian style, some soy, lemon grass, seseme stuff like that, toss them on a grill and boom, 2 min later they done <_<

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