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    May 7, 2016
    I currently have 2 rhode islands and 2 bantams who all lived together quite happily. 1 of the bantams went broody and hatched 2 cream Legbar chicks (1 girl, 1 boy). After about 3 weeks I put mum and chicks back in the coop at night, hoping they would fit back in but my big girls have been completely vile to her. I tried to keep them together during the day but the poor thing is absolutely terrified of them. They now sleep in the same coop but are separated during the day. If they are out in the garden at the same time they make a beeline for her, they are twice her size and she just lays down and let's them attack her, it's horrible. My only option seems to be to get rid of either the bantam or the Rhodes, neither of which I want to do. Would really appreciate some advice.
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    First, hello. Welcome to BYC!
    This is why it is not recommended to remove a broody if you can help it. She is a "newbie" when you put her back.
    You can remove one or both of the LF for a few weeks, and see if making them the newbies will work.
    Other than that, keeping the separate, but able to see each other all day (fencing) should do the trick within a month.
    I wish you good luck! [​IMG]

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