Bumble foot home treatment with Penicillin injection

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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum and I was trying to find if anyone on here had tried penicillin injections for a duck who has developed bumblefoot. One of our Khaki Campbell's has bumblefoot on the end of one of her toes, and it was right under her nail so with all of the mud recently we didn't catch it until the toe was swollen and warm. Her other two toes and webbing are not swollen or warm. We were able to remove the corn in our first surgery last night - the scab this morning closed over with a blackish color again so I think I need to go in and clean it out some more. With her toe being swollen and warm - those being signs of infection - I read on this website that you can do penicillin injections at home for 3-4 days to help stop the infection.


    Has anyone tried this or have advice on this?
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    seems I read something about giving pen injections causing harm to the skin. Or maybe it was another antibiotic Lets see if @casportpony is on she is good with meds.

    Have you been doing any Epsom salt soaks in warm water? then you can put a goodly amt of clear iodine on where you cut the bumble before cutting again.
  3. I have been doing the epsom salt soak and bacitracin goo, as well as betadine on the skin to clean in first, and then cleaning the scab out, then soaking, cleaning, soaking, then filling with bacitracin, and wiping off the foot and area with Chlorhexadine 2% for sterilization. Also, I know people said Lidocane is poisionous to poultry but we were able to use the goo Lidocane and it helped our duck quite a bit with the pain just to numb the skin prior to cutting in and pushing.
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    Penicillin should be fine, it's Tylan and oxytetracyline that cause injection site reactions. :D
  5. Great - thank you! I just called our local Tractor Supply and they have Short Acting and Long Acting Penicillin. It looks like the only difference is that one takes longer to wear off.
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