Bumblefoot BOTH feet


Apr 15, 2020
Frazier Park California
Hey everyone! I need some help with bumblefoot! I had no idea my girl had it but after taking a picture for something else it was noticed. She has it in both feet.. seems mild, not much swelling and no redness.. she seems to be walking fine. I need some help on how to treat this! Can you treat both feet at the same time? Is there a treatment for milder cases...?
Here are some pics.


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My last batch of quail had it on one foot, and a duckling of mine had it. It was more a niacin deficiency in the duckling, but because of it it couldn’t walk, which caused a blister like soar as well. I tried hand feeding her, and doing what @TheTexasChickenGirl said to do. That mostly helped but I needed to do that daily for awhile. At TSC there’s a lot of treatments that can prevent or help that. I don’t know any off the top of my head but if I had to do it again, I would’ve also used that. Best of luck and I’m so sorry about your chicken
I would do one foot at a time, as in, do one foot wait a week or so, then do the other foot. I would soak both feet in epsom salt water two or three times a day for three days for fifteen minutes at a time. Then, gently work/massage out the bumble and use tweezers to get out the extra bits. Spray with antibacterial spray, plug the hole with neosporin and bandage. It's the most non invasive tactic I know. I used it on three of my chickens in the past and they were fine. Good luck!

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