Bumblefoot-did I do this right?


Sep 9, 2017
E42007E8-ADF2-4207-9D93-22D0E169046D.jpeg EB178FE2-2F7B-42C2-92F2-B1186C091FD5.jpeg we have a duck that’s limping and discovered what looked like bumblefoot on both feet. This is our first duck flock, so first time dealing with this. Everything I’ve watched/read said peel off scab and squeeze out infection. So I soaked yesterday in Epsom off and on and treated with neosporin and that vetermycin spray. Today we soaked him an hour before attempting to remove the scab. I peeled the scab off his left foot, but what was underneath seemed like normal, healthy tissue. I squeezed and squeezed and all that came out was blood. Did I do it right? Am I supposed to cut that bloody, whitish area? He wouldn’t let us mess with the right foot but about 2 min, so all I got done on that one was a small area picked off and started leaking blood, so right now he’s in our bathtub on a towel with his feet sprayed and covered in neosporin. So does this look like I did it right, or not?
Others on here know far more than i about bumblefoot but i have had one duck that we caught early after noticing her limping for a couple days. After wrapping in a towel i held her with her feet in 5gal bucket epsom salt for 10 minutes or so, then wife dried her feet and liberally applied decolorized iodine, let it dry and then we let her go. I did put up a small 15x15 run attached to duck shack with clean pine shavings and straw with all 5 ducks enclosed, we find it works best to keep them all together whenever one is ailing. We didnt pick anything off and she was fine after 5 days. They all received duramycin antibiotics in food and water and i read somewhere that the UNCOLORIZED iodine was highly recommended - best of luck
The colorless iodine is great stuff. Now that you have an open wound I'd cover with some type of antibiotic salve and wrap till the wound is healed over. Did you noticed if anything came out with the scab? Sometimes the bumble will just come right out with the scab.
Thanks for the responses. One of my duck groups said the photos look more like bad callouses rather than bumblefoot. I think I agree since this morning the open one doesn't seem to have any sign of infection. It's definitely healthy tissue. I'm not gonna mess with the right foot. So I soaked his feet real good, applied spray and neo on a gauze pad and wrapped it up. Moved him out into the garage where the rest of the flock came to visit for a bit this morning, and now he's just chilling. I'm hoping he can go back out by early next week. Ours strictly free range, and if he can't walk or run he's literally a sitting duck out on our property for fox, coyote, bobcat, loose dogs, etc... so he's gotta be a house duck until then.
Follow this article...this is what I did when my duck had the bumbles(well all of mine had is at once but one was really bad). My ducks are all better and have not had it since.

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