Bumblefoot flare up


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5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
Hello, my big blue Andalusian has another flare up with Bumblefoot again. Her last one was last summer. We seperated her in a clean dog crate for about 2 weeks. I was able to sort of peel the scab away a bit and used vetericyn gel on her feet twice a day, and put her on amoxicillin. I don't think the Bumblefoot was actually gone, but she was like new. It's been almost a year and it's back. I don't have the stomach for the surgery, so not an option. I do actually think what we did last summer, and are doing now was pretty successful. Does anyone else have any success stories with Bumblefoot, who opted out of the surgery? I've heard of something to soak their feet in, but she's pretty feisty. Not sure realistically if we can get her to do that. Just hoping for some encouragement, and maybe something different to try. Thank you

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