Bumblefoot, no scab, swelling isn't reducing, trying everything, what now?



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Dec 2, 2018
First time duck owner, 3 ducks Billy, Mally, and Quacky. They're about 7 months old now.

My duck Mally started limping about a month ago. I recall there might have been a small scab on her left foot where there was some swelling, but it seemed to mostly be healing. We let it be, and eventually that scab and some others on that foot healed, but then the swelling on that one toe got bigger, and bigger. It's swollen on top and on bottom of the inner "toe" (out of the 3 "toes") -- not at the nail, but mid-toe. Red on top, usually white on bottom but today it started looking red.

For the past 6 days I have been giving her 250mg of Fish Mox 2x daily but it's REALLY hard to get her to consume it so I'm pretty sure she is at this point not even ingesting the full dosage :-/

For the past 2 weeks or so I've been soaking her foot in Epsom Salts for 5 minutes a day. I did the Clear Iodine for 5 days (once a day after the Epsom Salt soaks), but no scab ever appeared.

I started Tricide Neo 4 days ago -- doing the 5min Epsom Salts, drying her feet, then doing the Tricide Neo mixed in Distilled Water for 5 minutes.

Today her entire leg felt warm after the treatment, warmer than her other leg. She has smaller bumbles on her right foot, so I'm treating both feet, and the scabs on that foot are going away, but there is a small amount of swelling (probably partially from favoring that leg).

I guess my question is....what do I do now? I intend to do the Tricide Neo for at least a few more days. Should I cut into the top of her foot with a scalpel to see if there's anything to remove? I'm getting really scared for my ducko.
In the top picture, where the swelling is, down towards the web there looks to be a little wound/scar. I'd investigate that further. Maybe a sliver of something got lodged in there, and it tried to heal over on the outside, but is causing infection inside.

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