Bumblefoot that won't get better... HELP!!

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    We have a Golden-Laced Wyandotte rooster who developed what we believe to be bumblefoot about a month ago. He was hopping around the pen and his left foot was a little swollen and red between the toes. Upon further inspection, we noticed there was a thick scab on the bottom of his foot. We ended up taking him to a vet, and all they did was put him on antibiotics. After doing a little research about bumblefoot, I decided to try soaking his foot twice a day to see if that would clear it up. If that didn't work, we'd have to cut it open. Luckily, after about 3 days of soaking it in salt water (and treating with iodine), the scab was starting to come off on its own. We were able to pull it off with tweezers, and then pack it and wrap it. We did this for 3 days, and then the wound was completely healed. HOWEVER, his foot was still swollen and there was a lot of red between his toes. We had been keeping him in a kennel, but allowed him to rejoin the flock after this. It's now been a little over a week since then, and his foot is WAY more swollen than it was before! I've checked the bottom pad of his foot, but there is no scab or any noticeable problem there. Also, while I was holding him on his back, I noticed he an area on his chest (where the chest bone comes to a point) that was REALLY red and had a weird flaky patch of skin over it. He felt a little feverish as well. Any idea what this could be? We've decided to lance his foot (maybe between the toes?) and soak his foot again. I'll keep him in the kennel again so I can put tetracycline in his water. Maybe that will help. He's only a year old and we raised him from an egg. He's our only rooster and he's very pretty. I'd hate to have to put him down. Hopefully someone can tell me what's going on with his swollen foot... I'd appreciate any input! Thanks so much!
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    You have to get the kernels out that are causing the swelling. Bumblefoot can take quite a while to get rid of. I had a vet lance mine and get them all out but I didn't keep bandages on her feet until all the scabs had cleared up so they reinfected. I had them cut out again and this time I am keeping bandages on her feet until the scabs heal completely and fall off with clear healthy skin underneath. I am on month three now.
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    Goodness! That is a long time! My grandfather has offered to lance it for us (I don't think either of us has the stomach for it!). Hopefully he can get everything out the first time. And what in the world do you mean by "kernels"?
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    kernles the best way to describe it is like a pimple. the kernal is the head of. the infection.
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