Bumblefoot treatment - do I still need to wrap foot?


Sep 12, 2018
Portland, OR
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I’ve been treating my hen for bumblefoot for about 6 weeks. The black patch went away a few weeks ago and there hasn’t been anything but blood in the wound for even longer. The problem is, the area is still quite swollen. It feels like normal healthy skin and maybe a bit of scar tissue on the side but it’s at least 2x as big as the other foot in that area. She’s really getting stressed by all the handling so I’d rather leave her be if I can. Should I still be wrapping the foot? Is there anything else I should do to make sure it doesn’t come back or is it better to leave it be and just keep checking in on it?

This is my first case of bumblefoot and my favorite hen! Just want to be doing everything I can to make her better.


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did you pack it with like a triple antibiotic, and doing dressing changes and cleaning 2 times a day, I haven't seen one that has taken so long to heal up. could there still be an irritant embedded in it that caused the bumble foot in the first place?
I'll look into that next time! Clearly the method I tried was not the easy way ultimately.
we've all been there and done that one, then add in chicks don't read handbooks and act like they say they will as they just do what ever they feel like lol. If one doesn't work ya try another it can vary from chicken to chicken how they respond to things. like today treating pullets that just got 2 were easy peasy taking their medication dosage was 5 minutes for those 2. next 2 were dead set against it and as was doing it myself and they were fighting me took me 2 hours to get them dosed.
If you find your chick has bumble foot, is it necessary to treat or dos it ever heal itself? Would the plug fall out naturally over time? New chicken owner here and trying to learn all I can in advance.
it is nesessary to treat so chicken doesn't become septic from the infection

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