Bumblefoot? :(

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Dec 12, 2009
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I think one of my favorite hens has bumblefoot. (Along with some dry fowl pox) It's not under her foot, but is on the side of her middle toe on her left foot. It looks a little red, with some swelling that caused one of the scales to lift. If I look closer to the side of the toe, where the swelling is, I can make out a white spot which looks to be where it formed. No scab though. I applied some non-pain relief neosporin on it for now....but what else can I do to help? She seems like any other normal chicken, chasing, pecking, running, and still the leader of the flock. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated.....
Several years ago I had a dark Cornish (10#) hen that developed what I thought was bumble foot caused by jumping three feet to the floor of the coop. There was no bedding so she hit the floor with a resounding thud. When the knot got really big I decided to lance her foot to remove the knot. There was little blood, removed the knot bandaged he foot, she was fine.
id say its not bumble foot....probably a pox

if bumble...cut open, remove all the cheesey mess, might be harder stuff in their. remove it all, put on neo. or other similar ointments. and wrap up best as possible to keep dirt outa the wound. in a few days, it should be alright.
So with a closer look I can see what looks like a whitish puss center...and that would be bumblefoot? How....do I, um, ahem, do the surgery?
sharp blade, like razor. and cut, you cant worry about hurting them. but they can handle it. it has to be done. cut it open and dig out whats there, you'll know what aint supposed to be there just by looking. make sure you get it all out. apply liberally some ointment.

aint the easiest thing to do. have some one hold it firmly so you can work with both hands. dont be too gentle cause you have to make sure its all outa there.

then give them a soft litter bedding with no roost for a few weeks. you want as little motion on tthe foot as possible. after healing make sure they dont have a hard ground to fly down on.
Right. Do I flush it out with water? Or iodine? I have some neosporin, can I apply that to the crater? (It's NON pain relief) And after that, I bandadge it up?
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