Bump in the Night


8 Years
Jul 29, 2011
Montgomery County Texas
It's late at night, the lights are all off. Everyone is asleep. Of course there has to be a creepy animal making noises outside my bedroom window, and I am darn glad I didn't go see that scary movie tonight (whew Mrs.Doubtfire was the alternative)

So I'm pretty sure theres some night bird yodeling under my window, I thought it might be an owl but when I went to record it, as always it stopped. So either its a weird owl that carried on a hoot for a long time or theres an alien out there right now watching me eat pizza crust rubbing its hands together maniacly. Anyone Texas night bird savvy (or Texas Alien savvy?)

I am prepared to hear stories about probes.
Screech owl - eerie sound. My Mom always said that if a screech owl calls 3 nights in a row there will be a death in the family. Scared the tar out of me as a child.
Good golly - I'm glad that's not true or I'd be surrounded by death constantly! The screech owls have us surrounded out here in the country and I love listening to them every evening. Their call is definitely erie and drawn-out - but beautiful once you know what it is.

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