Button quail chicks handling


Jun 11, 2020
Hi i have just hatched two button quail chicks who are quite skittish and needed some advice. Should i pick them up regularly to socialise them or not as when i have they got very scared and hid. How should i tame them without scaring them too much. I would really like to have a good relationship with my button quail, but am not sure on how to get them comfortable with me.


Sep 20, 2020
Do you have any advice on how to make them more people friendly?
I know this is a few months old now, but if no birdie has given you further advice- you are right to handle them often, especially as chicks. They are naturally skittish, but so are doves. Handling them for a few minutes a few times a day will get them to be friendly. They'll be nervous at first, but as are birds that live only 3 years in the wild.

Some other factors to consider- unlike their closest relative the Japanese quail- Button/King quails are incredibly social and monogamous little birds. They may have taken to each other rather than you. This also increases if you get many of them! I hear often when there's only one, the baby needs a lot of attention from humans. Which means, handle them individually. They'll like each other fine- but they need to like you.

I once got a hatchery pigeon (mistake), and he hated humans so much I had to rehome him so he could have a better life with other pigeons and not hurt my emotional state at the idea I'm torturing him with my presence. Sometimes... birds are racist.

When they're chicks, hold and pet them in a quiet, calm atmosphere. Holding them more on their back will relax them in a sort of sleep state, but they're fast and slippery (oh, quails...), so do be careful.

Another thing you can do as they get older, putting them in a relatively small, empty(ish) space and spend time around them, offering them treats and petting them as you do when they're babies.

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