Button Quail Color ID, please


9 Years
Jul 14, 2010
OK, so I'm pretty lousy with identifying colors of my birds. I can figure out the obvious ones with no problems, like the wild colored male & the silver. This one, though, I have no idea. (I'm not much better with their genders. Red vent feathers? Ha! Mine don't hold still long enough for me to get that up close and personal.

Any help with this one would be appreciated. I have two others of similar age with the same color pattern.


(Usually I don't worry about the color names. I kind of like this specific pattern, though. It's sort of a hodgepodge of colors...)
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As far as I know there aren't any black-faced blue breasts, only black-faced red breasts. It does look like it will eventually have a red breast, you can see red on the breast right by the middle finger of the person holding the bird. These are the ones that used to be called a Darth Vader, which I was told were golden red breasts. I guess they've decided that's not right, whoever 'they' is.
ahh ok.
I just saw all the blue.
Still learning about buttons. Played a lot with coturnix but buttons are a whole different ball game I am finding

So it is a black faced red breasted? and male?
I'm trying to watch and learn and sometimes you only learn if people tell you
Yes, that's what they are called now I guess. It is a male, and many would know it as a Darth Vader. But the 'new' term is black-faced red breast.
Thanks! I guess I'll have to learn to buy him a little light saber.

I have three in this color pattern. Didn't have any before, so I guess the color fairies gave me something interesting. Wouldn't mind a couple more silvers and a couple of tan birds (OK OK I know they are called something else. ) The only two birds I've lost since I got my buttons have BOTH been the tan ones. I'd have to rearrange mated pairs to try to breed for more of them. Not willing to do that since all my pairs seem happy.
Ahhh looks like the fourth from that batch of chicks is probably a "Darth Vader" female (sorry, I know that's not a real name).

She's the only one of the chicks I'm worried about -- still not putting on quite as much weight as I'd like. She's improved in the last week, though.

The daddy is the original wild color. The mother? Good question. Dunno which one laid those eggs. That pen had 4 females and one male (down to 1 male & 3 female now, with the 2 extra females promised to a couple of other males when I get more cages scavenged up or built.)
I know this is an old post but someone will be looking for the info...
That is Red Breast male half way through moulting his baby feathers
Red Breast (RR) males have a single thin white line
Darth Vader (R+R+) males have no white line and they are Red Breast plus another mutation but I haven't find out what yet.
Red Breast is a recessive gene.
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