Button Quail, Hatchling Question


11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Poconos, PA
I've got 5 button quail eggs in the bator. One hatched this morning on Day 18. The other 4 don't have so much as a pip. I moved the baby to the brooder box and he's peeping like crazy.

If no more hatch, will he be okay solo? I have chickens due Friday. Will it be okay to throw them all in together or no? He's probably too small, right? Can a quail be lonely?
Probably too small with chickens, but if that was me sure i'd put a button chick in with chicken chicks as long as the chicks weren't stepping on it if that happens then i'd remove them just so the lil guy doesnt get squished.
I know of many people who raise BQs with adult chickens...I have no idea how they do it but then again, I have two adult button quail in with coturnix quails (which are muuuch bigger than them) and they are perfeclty fine together.

As for keeping a chick solo, sure i've done it...but after about 3-4 days these solo chicks were luckily introduced to other birds so I can't say for certain out of my own experience how it is but i do know theres a site called "cyberquail.com" that theres many people who raise solo quails as pets and they become really tame....however they are much happier in pairs....and since BQ chicks only take 16-18 days to hatch, i suggest getting a few more bq eggies to incubate so within just a bit your lil wee one will have pals.

I have a 2 week old chick in with a week old and a almost week old button quail chicks...the big one doesn't mind, and the two yougner ones think the bigger one is it's mama..they even try to cuddle under it's legs.
Thank you for the information. No I haven't raised button quail before, it's new to me. So far, so good. He's still peeping. I've added a stuffed puppet to the brooder, for him to snuggle up against. It seemed to make a little difference. I don't see any pips in the other 4 eggs, so I guess I should get ahold of some new ones.

Thanks again

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