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    I have several hatching eggs available. They are all mixed breeds aka Barnyard Specials. My Roosters are Silkie and Cochin- my hens are BSL, Brown Leghorn, Indian River, Red Stars, barnyard mixes and 1 lil Cochin hen.

    I will pack as many eggs as I can get into a medium flat rate box, pack with plenty of security too. I can't seem to sell them as eating eggs in my area (no one wants to pay more than $1 a dozen... and anyone that raises chickens knows that is way too cheap) They have not been refrigerated, I keep them on my back porch and they are dated when they were gathered. You won't get old eggs I promise. I have 1 incubator going and getting ready to set another.

    Also if you are looking for duck eggs I have some of those too, they too will be mixes. I have a pair of Muscovy's - a white hen and a chocolate/grey drake. I also have a Rouen drake, rouen hen , and a black duck (mix breed).

    You are essentially just paying for shipping and packaging. My loss is your gain.

    Paypal ONLY.
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