Buy It Now: Japanese bantam hatching eggs & Serama hatching eggs


13 Years
Apr 25, 2011
This is a buy it now price is per egg. Just send me an email with how many you want of each breed & variety.

Japanese bantam all colors in one pen together blue mottled, splash, black, and a black mottled/millie fleur project. One jap hen is booted and frizzled $1.00 per egg.

Grady Taylor millie fleur show winning serama rooster with hens of all different colors millie fleur, calico, btb, btw, bb red. There is 1 frizzle serama hen in this pen and 1 booted serama hen. $1.50 per egg.

Frizzle serama pen with a bb red colored A size rooster has also been shown and placed high. In this pen all hens are straight feathered in btw, calico, millie fleur and 1 chocolate frizzled hen. $2.50 per egg.

Shipping is $10 for the first egg and $1.00 for each additional egg so if you want 6 eggs shipping cost would be $15

I sell on ebay as well if anyone would like to check out my feedback:

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