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Apr 8, 2017
I have chickens and want to try and hatch a few eggs of theirs. I'm wanting to buy a small inexpensive incubator that I can use. I also might try to hatch some duck eggs in the future. Does anyone have any advice on what type and where I can get one?


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Oct 16, 2010
For inexpensive you can't go wrong with a Hovabater styrofoam table top unit with gas wafer thermostat. The base model is 1602 I believe then price goes up if it has a fan (recommend one) and more money if you want the picture window model. That's what I use, picture window with fan unit, no idea what model number it is. Got it from eBay at a good price, was new in box old stock. Like back when the incubator had square corners old stock.

I've since added an auto turner but as a new hatcher you'll have the excitement to turn the eggs three times a day manually. That only lasts a few years and turning by hand gets old so your hatches suffer...then it's time to get an auto turner for it. Any auto turner fits so if you decide to get one it doesn't have to be a Hovabator you can pick up a Little Giant turner when Tractor Supply puts them on sale in summer.

This is a great deal from Rural King:


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Oct 11, 2014
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I agree with Hovabator. I have the 1583 model. It's the picture window model, but non digital. The 1588 is the digital version with the picture window. (Both forced air.) I love mine once you get the temp regulated it holds steady. I hand turn, have for over 2 years now. I actually started with the automatic almost three years ago when I had the old LG, but stopped using it during my 3rd hatch. I prefer hand turning, and am home so it's not a big deal for me. They sell the 1602N kit that comes with fan kit and turner for around $130 I believe I saw. The 1583 cost me $122 on Amazon.
I suggest against the digital Little Giants from TSC and the farm innovators. They are harder work getting the good hatches unless you are aware of their faults and have lots of availability to monitor temps throughout the day.

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