Buying eggs with pay pal...I have questions


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May 31, 2008
Eagle Creek, OR
Well my old pay pal accounts (I have 2..1 for ebay and 1 for non ebay) are still open. I haven't used them in over a year and boy have things changed.

Can I instant pay with a debit card?

I have bought 2 sets of items. The first one made me send an e-check. I felt so bad...I thought it was instant payment...but nooooo. lol Poor gal had to wait 6 days before it cleared and too send me my chicks. I am still unsure of why it did that (I am verified and such) but it didn't give me options.

The second one I knew was coming up......and so I just transferred 30.00 dollars from my bank account to my pay pal account and waited (6 days) for it to get in there. Then I spent it. Was a spur of the moment kinda thing....and I don't have time to wait for another transfer...

I updated my debit card today (old one expired, but I still had a valid one on already) and I am hoping that is why. Now I have 2 debit cards that are current on the paypal account. I have something I need to pay for on Monday....

Is debit/credit card alone ok? Is there some magical tab I am missing? I haven't ebay-ed for so long and it has changed (I used to sell trading cards).

So how do you use pay pal? I am a little lost...

Thanks personal info please...I don't want to put anyone at risk...just confused and the pay pal "help" thing did not really help.
When you link a debit card to your PayPal account, they have to "confirm" it, much the way they did when you first got your account. It takes a few days. They debit a small amount, around a dollar, from your account by charging it to your card, and then you get the transaction number from the charge, and enter it on the PayPal website to confirm that it is, indeed, your account. You may be out of luck for getting it done by Monday.

I know all this because I did the SAME THING a few weeks ago when buying eggs from a BYCer. Fortunately, my seller was very understanding, and went ahead and shipped my eggs before my e-check cleared. Ever since then, I've either used my debit card (which I linked to my PP account) or made sure I had good funds in my PP account.
Thank you guys! I am verified
with a (5) next to verified (that is new too....wasn't there a year or so ago.)

Hmm....i may just have to wait. Thank you so much~!
Long as you are a verified member, all debit and credit options should work. You also have the option to link to your bank account and pay by e-check! But it takes longer for that to clear.

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