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Jan 11, 2020
Wow, it is easy to get left behind on this thread! Several pages back I mentioned washing a Golden retriever at the car wash, and someone said the car must have been messy afterward! Lol, good one, but no - he rode home in the back of the truck. It was only two miles and we only did it in the summer.

Also, someone mentioned how good walnuts are for you, and yes, they are! I happen to like walnuts, especially if they are lughtly toasted in the oven a few minutes. But nutrition isn't everything. I've been told beets and bell peppers are good for you too. :sick But I wouldn't put em in a cookie. Heck, I won't put em on my plate!

For the poster whose DH doesn't like chocolate chips and child doesn't like walnuts, try a Tollhouse cookie recipe with chopped dates and pecans instead. Might make everybody happy. Discovered those at Original Cookie.
Thanks for the attempt but NOBODY would eat dates and pecans are still nuts and therefore "not really food" according to the kids. (Kids are in their 40s now so they can get their spouses to make whatever!! ) Time does fly doesn't it!?


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Jul 24, 2016
Washington State
Another "Bella" moment happened before we left. I was out shoveling snow. I had cleared the front porch, walkway and car and was working on shoveling the edges of the driveway when DH yells out the front door "Why did you leave the door open??" I didn't! Bella didn't want to wait anymore so she opened the door and left with Skittles at her heels. I looked up to see them both sitting at the car! Thank goodness Fuji wasn't interested in going out in the snow. As most of you remember, her name was given to her by the people who rescued her in Ohio and gave her that nick name as a shortened version of Fugitive, which she would be delighted to be.
When I went up to put the shovel on the front porch I also noted that Belle relieved herself on the walkway so that got shoveled up too. :hmm
Is Belle the one who nearly opened the bathroom door when you were in a store? She's quite a talented girl. haha You'll have to keep an extra eye on that one. :lau


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Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
Yes. She's very smart. And has a devious sense of humor.
Oh, so fun training a smart dog (eyeroll). I had a Golden pup in the CCI program that accidentally (I'll swear it was an accident!) bumped a chair against a counter, climbed up on it and ate a loaf of bread. I banished all chairs from the kitchen after that. Mahe one mistake with a smart dog and you've got problems!
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