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Building Bridges

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Jan 11, 2020
That's my boy "Gauge"....he's 2...he's the one in the distance in my Avatar. Red merle border would LOVE him....he's just a HOOT!!


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May 31, 2018
East, Tawas Michigan
Maybe costume shops? Once you have some completed you could begin to make a portfolio of photos....and take sample so they can see quality of workmanship. ?? I don't really know either....
But it's a good idea. I need to upgrade my phone before I add any apps since my phone is almost completely out of memory space.


Waiting for spring
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Feb 1, 2010
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So, we've had 170mm of rain in 48 hours. Not sure how much fell after that because the measuring jug flooded.:lol:
On it's own that's a fair bit of rain and not that dramatic. The problem is this is a mountain and what falls higher up, comes down. Someone said it was due to something called gravity.:p:D
Shame it doesn't seem to work with money.............
So these are pictures of some of the damage. It doesn't look too bad. However these mini land slides go all the way up and all the way down the tracks in and out of here. Both tracks are impassible with a vehicle currently.
Flood gully East. The water is moving so fast you couldn't stand up in it.
View attachment 2008401
This is the sheep field track. All my fencing ruined.:hit
View attachment 2008404
Track to the house blocked below.
View attachment 2008409
Behind the sheep shed. Doesn't look too serious until you look at the tree roots. A bit of a breeze and these will fall over..............on to the sheep shed.
View attachment 2008412
Heading up the track.
View attachment 2008413
View attachment 2008415
A bit of a slide from the West ridge.
View attachment 2008416
One of the joining points from the flood gully to the track.
View attachment 2008419
Another join a bit further down. There are places like this up and down the track.
This one is three feet deep.
View attachment 2008420
Oh how sweet, a little waterfall.:rolleyes:
View attachment 2008422
It's not raining hard atm. More due later and overnight.
I really can't like that Shad. Looks like you have your work cut out for you.
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