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Apr 7, 2010
CO Rockies - 8600ft up
We had a dusting of snow yesterday but it cleared off and now it is 1F out there.
I think the second pot of cafe is in order. I used the leftover smoked turkey and sweet potatoes to make my favorite southwestern soup with roasted green chilies yesterday.
I am not sure what to make to keep the house warmed up today!
I am guessing a couple of loaves of bread ought to do it. Enjoy the day, CAFE!


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Nov 27, 2012
SW Michigan
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Just realized I'll need to make more bread soon,
can't imagine doing it in my toaster oven,
not sure one loaf would fit let alone two.

My microwave is ~35 years old.
My Dad bought it for me, top of the line, in the mid 80's.
Still seems to work fine.

Loving the sunny day, makes me do more stuff in the kitchen, the only room the sun really shines into for most the day.


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Mar 31, 2011
Woodland, CA
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I turn the light on in the run first. It takes a few minutes to spread the feed around in there then go into the coop. So they are exposed to indirect light from the run first then I turn on the coop lights. No one startled.
I did see that the lights were for working with them early in the darkness and not for egg production. I do not do that anymore but when I did, I added the light on a timer in the evening.

With light for production, a low lumen light will work fine.

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