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Jul 23, 2018
NY Southern Tier
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My Coop
ShitTon of iron here.
No softener tho.
You'd have to flush the well at least 4 hours to remove all the sediment caused by the iron bacteria. It does take quite a while to clear the well.
I turned the water on at dad's house at 9 and came home to cook and get DH ready. We'll zio up there to shut it off and let the water settle a bit at the bottom of the well before I go back up this afternoon to finish it up and flush the plumbing lines.
Oh. Did I mention that all the faucet screens need to be removed before flushing the plumbing? They'll plug right up with the sediment you are trying to clear from the well. All the water has to run clear before the screens go back in.
I won't shock a well unless I have to. But getting the water tested annually is a good idea. Then you only sanitize when it's actually needed.
Flush the water heater annually too to remove sediment.
My house is due for both.


Jan 29, 2018
SW Montana
Happy Monday Meg get to go to town later for meds but will wait till noon to go
Thanks, Penny :)

Made an eye appointment finally. It's only been about 20 yrs :rolleyes: My crystal clear vision seems to be on the downhill slide, already. Boo. The medication I'm on calls for a certain eye test after three months of use. Hopefully that doesn't have anything to do with it. Though, I guess it wouldn't matter because it isn't helping anyway.

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