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    Wow, the video in that segment is fantastic!!! They even have a screenshot of BYC!!!
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    Cool!!! [​IMG]
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    Okay, did anyone read the comments on the video? One person claimed that they bought all of the stuff to keep chickens but then they heard that keeping chickens can make you fertile so she decided to get rid of them so she wouldn't get pregnant! [​IMG]. I don't think I've ever heard anything funnier in my life.
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    They just interviewed My Pet Chicken this weekend on CNN about this. So there are a couple of short videos on the site to look at too! :D
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    Go BYC!! [​IMG]
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    some of the comments were so misinformed?!! the 1st to starve they sad..
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    I had to stop reading the comments, because some of them were making me so angry! All about the filth and the noise and the bird flu! Don't these people read?
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    One of the comments on there made me so sad :( It started with somebody asking why you needed three acers in his town to have chickens when he only had one acre.

    Let me tell you why you need more acreage moron. Because what this article does not tell losers like you is the real work and disgusting habits of chickens that goes into raising them. First of all, their feces contain the same bacteria that can kill children. When it rains, that crap runs off to your neighbor's property, especially you idiots who think an acre means you have something real. Then there is the dander that can make small children extremely sick. Then there is the noise, then there is the mess and the unsightliness of it all. You need more property so that your neighbors won't see it, hear it, smell it (and it smells, even with a few). So moron if you need a hobby, try reading.



    According to the story Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported on the Last Heart Attack, we should only eat a plant based diet if we want to avoid heart disease. Plus most of us live in suburbs or cities so we do not need be around dirty farm animals and hear rooster crowing at all hours of the night (or day). Then there is the threat of bird flu. And finally you can buy 18 eggs at Costco for about $1.69. The cost of feed for the chickens excuse my pun is hardly chicken feed these days. Unhealthy, expensive and annoying. Why would anyone want to raise their own chickens???


    Great article, though, just some of the comments....
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