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For those of you who haven't gotten the word yet, the popular BYC Cookbooks are in stock in the BYC Store.

This compilation of over 450 favorite recipes from our own members is sure to be a staple in your kitchen!
You can purchase them singly or in a money saving Family Pack

Shipping is fast via Priority Mail, so you can get cooking sooner!

If you are out of the USA, please contact me for shipping quotes and an invoice.
I'd love to hear some feedback on the cookbook - I have one but have not made anything from it yet. Anyone wish to share stories about why you included the recipe you did, or any comments on items made from the cookbook? I'd love to hear!
I made brownies from one of the recipes. They were delicious. There is also a baked french toast and lemon poundcake recipes I want to try but haven't yet.

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