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-Isla June-

Apr 8, 2022
Franklin TN.
Hey all! I have 14 lovely chickens and I live in Franklin TN. A proud Hawaii born, southern raised girl who loves chickens with her life! I want to be friends with you, tag my name and we can get to know each other. Or tag my name if you are already a friend of mine, I’d love to chat with you! Let’s make a BYC community.
Howdy! I'm a teenage boy from south Kansas and I live with my family on a beautiful three-acre piece of property out in the country. I am the proud owner of fourteen chickens, eight ducks, one goose, and one cat! I enjoy reading, birding, photography, nature in general (especially animals), EVERYTHING poultry, lego building, playing instruments, and hanging out with my friends here on BYC.

If you have a question about something or would just like to talk, feel free to PM (private message) me! I enjoy talking to people and making new friends. 🤗

God bless you and have a great day!! ❤️

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