BYC has helped me to understand killdeer better!


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The title of my topic may seem strange for a chicken site, but it's true. I hope I posted this in the right forum because I wanted to give some feedback about this site and how it has helped me.

I originally joined this site because I loved ducks and when I was doing research on them, I would frequently come across posts on this site. So, I decided to join so that I could ask questions and follow along with other people and their ducks.

In my signature line is my blog link. The blog is mostly about killdeer, whom I love and of which I've also seen a few posts on BYC about. But, that's not how BYC has helped me with understanding the little plovers.

Not only do I read the duck and geese forum, I also read other parts of the sites dealing with chickens and chicken behavior, too, especially the predator forum. And, from what I've noticed is that killdeer act a lot like chickens! Killdeer cluck, puff up, "crow", chase hawks, give alarm calls, and defend their young in a lot of ways that chickens do. Killdeer are more like chickens than most of the other birds I see like doves, pigeons, phoebes and crows.

So, who would have known that a site that I joined to learn about ducks would have helped me understand killdeer?
That's a nice blog. You take great pictures.

perhaps we need another forum about the littlest chickens- killdeer.

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Thanks for the comment on my blog! I was there today doing a "special" movie about the last Muscovy drake at the lake (I hear he's been there 20 years).

I would love a spot on this site to talk about wild "pets" (birds we interact with daily at our feeders, yards and parks), but I like the site the way it is, too.

**Just in case anyone else comes along and reads this post is wondering, it is illegal to keep killdeer in captivity or possess or consume them or their eggs without a permit. Besides, I hear they don't taste very good. However, they are good "alarm systems" and eat a lot of bugs and slugs.
I like your blog too desertdarlene.
I've always had a soft-spot for killdeer.
Thanks about the comments about the blog.

Yeah, that's one thing that killdeers do that I haven't seen a chicken do, yet, act like it has a broken wing. But, a lot of birds have distraction displays. I'd bet that one thing chickens might do is run away from the nest really fast to lure a predator away.

One thing I notice is similar is the courtship. The male puffs up and "clucks" around the female, strutting and "crows" (makes a rolling kill-dee call). Sometimes, it's funny to watch.

But, unlike chickens, the male makes the "nest" and the female "approves" it.
I used to walk my dog up at the community college when I was a teenager. They have this great nature trail. There weren't any classes going on, and no traffic, so I let my dog off leash. She loves to chase birds, and this place was full of Killdeer. One of the streets is even named Killdeer. I will never forget how one of the birds acted injured to lure my dog out to the road, when there was, by chance, an oncoming car!!! Thankfully, my dog stopped when I called her, but what a smart bird! I could've swore that bird had it all planned out!
I know, people think they planned this, but I don't really think they think about it, much.

I'm glad the dog didn't get any chicks, that's one thing I worry about at our lake.

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