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Shannon, known to BYC members as chickens really, has been a member of our community since September, 2015. She will most often be found in the Ducks section, talking all things waterfowl.

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Here I go... Me in a nutshell.



I was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan April 2/72.. I am the youngest of 3. I have an older brother and a sister.

Moved to Edmonton, Alberta when I was 2. My parents split and I was raised here. My Mother remarried my step father. My family comes from small town Saskatchewan. Birch hills and Hagen.
Every summer we spent 2 weeks each summer with our Dad and grandparents on both sides. I have been animal crazy my entire life.




When I was little we had Arabian horses, cattle, goats and Chickens. My first pet was a RIR Chick I named Henny Penny. She was a fun Bird for a 5 year old girl. Road around in my wagon. My sisters dog killed her though.

I have been with my Husband since I was 15 and he was 19. We have two Sons Cam and Dylan. We are both from Saskatchewan.



I bought my Arabian horse back in 2008. Kupid is my Heart. I kept him out at my mother's boyfriends place till 2014 when we bought our Acerage. We have 7 acres in Parkland County called the Hills of Hope.

2. Why and when did you start keeping chickens?

I started keeping Chicken of my own back in the spring of 2015. I ordered Hatchery Chicks and every single type they had in dual purpose. :gig



Got two of each with a couple of extras. My Husband wasn't impressed with me getting chickens. Hence my user name chickens really.. lol.. He began transforming an garden shed that was on the property into a Coop and Run. My Chicks never got moved out into the Coop till 6 weeks old. I'm sure you can imagine 15, 6 week old Chicks and the dander in my house.... :sick Why my Husbands favourite say is what came first the chicken or the egg? He always says the Coop. :lau



I got into Ducks in 2016 and started with Appleyard. I got my first Call that year and was smitten with them. Penelope was my first Call Hen and was very special to me. I lost her this fall to old age and I still miss her.

Ducks are my passion now...


3. Which aspect(s) of poultry keeping do you enjoy the most?

Hmm? I'm actually sort of Chickenless at the moment. Unless you consider Silkies and a Rosecomb Chickens.. :gig

I had a Flock of Orpington and a Brahma Rooster for two years and the stress they caused me was enough for me to let them all go. Everyone has to get along and as you all must know Chickens can turn on another Bird, in minutes all hell breaks loose.. :barnie

Here are my past Flock and my current Silkie flock with one Rosecomb Pullet too..






4. Which members of your flock, past and present, stand out for you and why?





My Speckled Sussex Bonnie was an amazing Hen. Friendly and always followed me around. Sadly she succumbed to ITL so we Culled her.. :hit

My Call Hen Penelope was my heart with my Calls. A member made me a Tribute to her and I can't express my appreciation :hugs I love my Birds and some are always in my heart..

5. What was the funniest (poultry related) thing(s) that happened to you in your years as poultry owner?

Funniest thing was the Polish Rooster when he took off after the Fox and if my Maremma wasn't right behind him he would of been dinner..:lau ..Was a mean Rooster so actually it would of been okay if the Fox got him.. :gig



6. Beside chickens and ducks, what other pets do you keep?

I have two horses. My Arabian Kupid who will be 18 in February and a 5 year old Mini Teddy.. I used to have 3 standard horses but got rid of two.





I have 4 Dogs at the moment. My Maremma Finn, Golden Retriver/Aussie Bindi, Border Collie/ Aussie Wilson and my Chicken wrangling Yorkie Lucy..





Lucy has pups upon this writing that are 9 days old today.


Just put down my old Dog that was 16.5 years old..

I have a Manx cat named Alley. She is the clown of our place.



A Rabbit named Bunny Boy that had 5 Bunnies.. :gig ..Another long story..



A cockatiel named Mr. Bird that is 12 years old.

Then my Call Ducks. I currently have 10.. :hugs


7. Anything you'd like to add?
I need to express myself and actually apologize to many BYC members.. :frow

I'm blunt and was raised to say what you mean and mean what you say. I never sugar coat my replies although they are all heart felt and given with good intentions.. :frow
I know what I know and I guess I hate being second guessed.. :th
I'm possibly the most misunderstood BYC member and a handful for the staff at times.. :lau .. :hugs

One person I have to speak of and send out a note of gratitude to is @TwoCrows. She has taken me under her wing when I fail she lets me know and has become one of my closest BYC Friends. With out her I wouldn't be writing this interview.. :hugs

I appreciate your time everyone and I hope I help even one person a day with my answers. I have many great friends here and Big Hugs to you all.. :hugs

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Enjoyed your interview Shannon! :thumbsupLoved all the pics, especially your 'big dog' Kupid! :lovebeautiful horse.
No need to apologize, I'm very blunt and to the point myself. The tribute to Penelope brought a tear to my eye....makes me remember some of my beloved animals.

Hope to see ya on the threads.

chickens really

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Enjoyed your interview Shannon! :thumbsupLoved all the pics, especially your 'big dog' Kupid! :lovebeautiful horse.
No need to apologize, I'm very blunt and to the point myself. The tribute to Penelope brought a tear to my eye....makes me remember some of my beloved animals.

Hope to see ya on the threads.
Thanks I was scare doing this...:oops:..:gig

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