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    Cynthia, known to BYC members as Cynthia12, has been a member of our community since April 2012. A true BYC friend and another of our wonderful all rounders, she is known for a her beautiful flock of chickens and her friendliness.

    1. Tell us a bit more about yourself.

    I am married to the best man in the world. I am a Grandmother, and Great Grandmother. My husband and I have a mixed family, we did the ... His, Mine, and Ours. Whew… with 12 kids, that was quite the time when most were home, now they are grown and have children of their own, most of them. They weren't that fond of each other in the beginning, [​IMG] but now, they just introduce each other as, sister, or brother. Love it! I have 33 Grandchildren, and the one great, and our youngest son that looks like he's getting serious in a gal, so will be having more grandchildren for sure. Large families make for interesting family Holidays! We have to have our Parties in a church building to hold us all. So grateful for them all! I love the Lord with all my might. I love animals, especially dogs… and chickens now. I used to Rescue, Foster, and Train dogs. I miss that. But now, I have my chickens… and my own dogs.

    2. Why and when did you start keeping chickens?

    I remember my Grandmother having chickens. We lived in Florida at the time, and would visit her in Virginia. She had a nice sized lot. She had geese and duck also, and the neighbors guineas would always come over. I loved loved going out to collect eggs. Always had to be careful for the rooster though. Grandma would remind us every single time, don't forget to shut the rooster out of the coop before you gather! This coop was very large, like the size of a large shed. She had a run around it, and when the rooster was on the other side of the shed, out of sight, we would run into the coop, hurry over and shut the door that the chickens could come in.

    I remember she once had a broody hen. Man that girl had a lot of eggs under her. Grandma lifted her up so I could see the eggs. Thank goodness we were there visiting when she was close to hatching. How fun to see all of these babies poking their little heads out from underneath her, then in a couple of days, out with them following her everywhere. She had been broody in their garage, and got to roam around with the babies out in the yard so didn't have to worry about the other hens, or that mean ol rooster.

    I started keeping chickens about 7 yrs. ago. I am… The Back Yard chicken keeper. No farm, I only wish. (Please don't ask me how many chickens I have, I'm not quite sure, I am close to my limit though, those that are going to be sold soon, and babies don't count, right?)

    One of my first big hatches.


    I love me a silkie.



    And, I love the leghorn. They are sweet birds.

    My very first egg. Was I excited? I was containing my excitement pretty well here. I'm sure the neighbors could hear me yelling all the way in… Scott! Scott! I got an egg! I got an egg!


    3. Which aspect(s) of chicken keeping do you enjoy the most?

    I love to hatch. Doesn't matter that I've been doing this for yrs. I still can't get over the awe of it all. And it's fun when there is a breed that can hatch out who knows what in color. Like the EE's. [​IMG] I just had a great hatch of them, EE's and OE's. 26 of 29 that went into lock down… boy was I surprised! Had to find a home for most! I also love hatching silkies.

    Here are some eggs… I usually hand turn. Old photo.


    My big hatch . . . Halloween Hatch A Long.


    Some silkies, hatched a while back.


    I also love that my chickens come running not only when I call them, but if the back door opens, or, they just hear my voice. I know it's because they love me sooo much, and not just for the treats that they are expecting. [​IMG]

    4. Which members of your flock, past and present, stand out for you and why?

    My first broody hen. A Blue Laced Wyandotte. I was soo excited that she went broody. I can't even remember where I got the eggs, but I found some for her! She sat, and sat, and sat. I had read somewhere, probably here on BYC somewhere because I was finding a lot of good info on broody hens… wasn't a member yet… but, read that you best have a back up bator in case the mama hen leaves the nest too early. Well, I bought one, but thought she would be staying because those eggs were ready to hatch. One day I went to open her area to let her out if she wanted, and the girl flew the coop! And I mean for good. I looked at the eggs. A lot were pipped! She had freaked out when she heard them. I got her and tried getting her to stay. No way. So, in I went with the eggs, hurried and got the bator going, and all hatched but one. And that's all she wrote… I was hooked on hatching for sure.

    This is the little stinker. Sure was a pretty girl.


    5. What was the funniest (chicken related) thing(s) that happened to you in your years as chicken owner?

    A lot of funny chicken stories for sure, but caught one day with photos. I had a Yorkie pup, and he wanted to play, with one of our Buff chickens. She wasn't having it. I was laughing the whole time she tried… pushing… him away… then finally, she had it, enough was enough!







    6. Beside chickens, what other pets do you keep?

    We have three dogs. A Schnoodle, a Dachshund, and our third Golden Retriever. Love them.

    Ziggy. He's almost 10.


    Brody. He's almost 4.


    Missy, she's almost 3.


    7. Anything you'd like to add?

    I have to say, sure am glad I came across BYC years ago. What a great place to come on and not only find great information when needed, but you really do make friends! I have met several folks around here in my state now that I would never have gotten to know if I hadn't been on this forum visiting here first. And then there are those from out of state, and even country!

    I had a gal from Idaho that heard that I had lost one of our Golden Retrievers to the most strange accident. My second Golden, only 4 yrs. old. She asked me if I would like her to sketch a favorite photo of him for pick out a photo and she would draw it and send it to me. I accepted. Here is the photo I picked out, and the drawing. Amazing! And what a wonderful thing to do for someone that is grieving the loss of a pet.


    Here is the drawing, I have framed it, and it's hanging on our
    bedroom wall.


    Now..there was someone making me a Travel Kit Bag for my husband for Christmas. The people on here never stop amazing me with their great examples of good humanity. This forum is a clean, family friendly place to come and visit. I never have to worry about seeing anything inappropriate. I can go to a thread, pull up a post to show a grandchild something and not worry, just show them the pretty chicken or rooster I wanted them to see. I'm very grateful for this forum.

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    Cynthia, it's so nice to see you as the interviewee today! I'm glad I've had a chance to get to know you, always look forward to seeing your posts and your wonderful photographs. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us!
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    Great interview.
  4. scottcaddy

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    It is nice to see another person interviewed that I have enjoyed reading for several years now.
    Very nice interview, Thanks Much!
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    Awesome interview Cynthia! You are a lovely soul!

    And I especially love the Yorkie/Buff incident! Too adorable! [​IMG]
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    What a wonderful interview, Cynthia, thank you so much for sharing. I love all the pictures, and the sketch is absolutely beautiful, what a special gift!
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    Wonderful interview, Cynthia. I can't believe that you are a great grand-mother. You look like you're enjoying life too much to get old!
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    Fabulous interview Cynthia! I've so enjoyed reading more about you and your very large family!! Wow that is a lot of grandchildren :D
    Love the pics of all your fur and feathered friends too :love
    Thanks for sharing with us all :hugs
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    Cynthia, thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us - great interview. I agree that goldens are great dogs we are on number three right now.
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    Thank you everyone! [​IMG]

    sour..we are also on our third Golden..may have to be our last. Will have to stick with the smaller ones as we get older. I will miss seeing that Golden smile when our Missy is gone, but she is still young, so she will be around for a while yet. Sweet dogs.
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