BYC members in Massachusetts?

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  1. jsayles86

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    Oct 4, 2011
    Danville, NH
    Hello all
    I live on Cape Cod and I am in the process of finding out whether or not I can have chickens and if the historical society will approve my coop design! This is going to be harder than I thought.
    In the mean time, I have a few questions.
    What do people do with their chickens if they go on vacation? Although we do not vacation regularly, it is a concern.
    Also, I plan on having no more than 6-8 chickens. I notice that the hatcheries sell in batches of 25. Do people get together when ordering chicks?
    Are there any small breeders in MA or neighboring states that any of you have purchased chickens from?
    Does anyone have experience with Faverolles?

    Thanks for listening.
  2. GoldenSparrow

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    Mar 11, 2011
    Most feed stores sell chicks in the spring. you can by as little a 3 there
    Find a feed store near you, and ask about there chicks.
    I live on Cape Cod too, and we do go on vacation a few times a year.
    we ask or neighbors or close friends to watch our small flock. We leave them a step by step list.

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  3. rngrbill

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    Quote:[​IMG] and baby sitters love eggs. Check out mypetchicken they ship as little as 3. I have not used them and only know what is on their site. Maybe someone else here has some experience with them.
  4. Arielle

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Massachusetts, USA

    Just so you know, the legal limit for sales of poultry in MA is 6, not sure anyone follows it![​IMG]

    People do split orders of 25 and more. Few can be purchased via Meyers and My Pet Chicken. THe hatcheries are winding down right now and have only a few breed available; come Jan/Feb they will be ramping up again!!

    Hope your coop design gets approved!![​IMG]
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    Jul 2, 2010
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    Quote:Hey there [​IMG]

    There are a lot of people on the Cape with chickens. When you are ready try Craigslist. I see lots available in the cape and island section all the time. We have someone who watches our chickens. Petsitters are easily trained. Chickens are pretty easy. It's not like having to walk a dog.

    We have one Faverolle her name is Nike. She's great. No eggs yet at 25 weeks. But, we love her calm demeanor and her big fluffy cheeks. We got her at the Westford chicken swap. Also a good place to find fowl of any kind. Actually all of our chickens have come from BYC members at the Westford Swap. Vendors have to be NPIP certified and members of the association to sell, but anyone can buy. I think the limit of 6 rule only applies to purchases before May 1st. At least that's what I remember reading. Of course now I can't find it.

    Good Luck and let us know what happens.
  6. shay20

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    Jul 31, 2008
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    also the limit is only for under 4 weeks of age. [​IMG]
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    Jun 3, 2011
    Hey Arielle, I was trying to PM you but your box is full. Just FYI, my birds are due to be tested on the 31st, so I will let you know when I get the results back, if you are still interested in the Ameraucana boys.

    If anyone else is interested I have some boys, a pair, and a couple of pullets for sale. I will be happy to hold any of them until they are tested.

    I have:
    Wyandotte boys -2 BLR, a partridge with a single comb, plus a nice partridge pair.
    a golden laced Wyandotte pullet
    a buff Wyandotte pullet

    Blue Ameraucana cockeral

    Maybe a BCM cockeral

    Please PM me if anyone is interested.
  8. Arielle

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Massachusetts, USA
    Quote:Sorry, box fills up quick. Thanks for the update!
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    Apr 15, 2008
    New Hampshire
  10. mommahen64

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    May 8, 2011
    Hi all! I have a poor little OEGB who is broody in a big way. I had to give up my roosters do to city law. Am I too late to try to find her a little baby to sneak into her nest? Is it bad to do that? Any thoughts? I'm a first timer at this....she's only 6 months old but she's got the baby bug. Currently hiding under a vine of ivy near my chimney, sitting on about 9 eggs.

    Any advice or guidance on where I can get a chick at this time of the year would be great.

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