BYC New Feature Treasure Hunt - WOOT!


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Hi Friends!

As you all hopefully know, we're huge proponents of always making your experience here at BYC even better! While the VAST majority of our time and resources is focused on stuff you don't see (server upgrades, software fixes, keeping spammers out, moderation, etc.) we also love to add features to BYC that you can use play with every day.

With the support from our Sponsors , Golden Feather Members, and Platinum Poultry Members we're able to keep this fantastic site running, but we're also able to keep making improvements and keep up with the amazing growth of our wonderful community.

Well, we've been listening to your ideas and suggestions and now our to-do list is now about 5 zillion pages long.

We've been evaluating all of your suggestions. We try to find balance between the cost and complexity of making changes with the overall benefit to the the entire community. Imagine trying to make changes to a system that has 76,000 users and hoping all of them will like the changes...
(not an easy task)

We're happy to announce that we've been able to prioritize and choose a handful of really cool new features and updates which we hope that 75,980 of you will like (yes, we know that about 20 of you will can never be pleased... you know who you are!)

Over the past few days we've had a really amazing programmer do a ton of work on the forum software. There were about 32 items on our list of fixes and updates (some pretty significant) that have been checked off! Most of these were fixes that you'll hopefully never see... stuff like bug fixes that were causing errors, and optimizations that will speed up the forum, hopefully even when we have over 1,000 peeps on at the same time!

A handful of updates have just been applied to BYC that we think are pretty cool... features that you'll hopefully use every day! I was originally going to just announce the changes, but I thought having a "BYC New Feature Treasure Hunt" would be way more fun!

So, go through the forum and try to pick out the updates and changes we just made!


1) GFMs have already been notified of some of these changes so they are not eligible to post about the ones I've already shared with them!!! (there might be 1 that they don't know about which they can post if they find )

2) Please only one submission per person!

---------- UPDATE: All Member Facing changes have been found! ----------------------

1) Ability to search within your own PM's (When in you PM Inbox, there is a "Search " link in the main menu to the left)
2) PM's that have you've replied to are now marked as such in your PM Message List
3) Easier page navigation: Previous and Next links, "Go To" page jump
4) You can now embed YouTube videos into posts
5) We've removed all of the BSA listings from the "Show unanswered posts " link at the bottom left of the index!
6) When reporting posts you can now select the reason for the report from a drop down (very helpful for our moderators).

Oh, and while we try to do a lot of testing on these changes, we can't test every single browser, computer, etc. setup. So, if you notice any bugs or problems with the updates, please let us know ASAP!


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Is the search function in the messaging new? And it looks like you can review your inbox now while you're reading a message - don't remember that before . . .


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I see 2 easy ones, but I think I'll keep my mouth shut. I'm not sure what you notified gfms about.

BTW- Way cool

Oh! I see Birdnut posted one of the ones I saw


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I can't get the message search to work, though. I've tried several search terms, and none of them found anything.


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I have IE 7, and mine isn't working either. It says, "No results" even though I'm searching for PMs that I'm positive I still have.

These new features are really cool, thanks!
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