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It's not officially Halloween until you have a collection of carved pumpkins, arranged ever so perfectly on your front porch. Pumpkin carving is a fun family activity to get into the Halloween spirit and a great way to express your creativity, regardless of your age. We'd love to see your artistic creations entered for a chance to win a prize. Whether you're a master carver or a beginner, come around and show us your pumpkin carving abilities and you could WIN AWESOME prizes!

How to enter
To submit your entries, simply post your images in this thread.

Photography Tips from BYC's jolenesdad
How to Photograph Pumpkins

The rules:
  1. This contest is open to all BYC members, not just Halloween HAL participants.
  2. Maximum of 4 entries per member. One entry consists of 1-5 images of your carved pumpkin.
  3. PUMPKINS MUST BE CARVED (surface carving is permitted).
  4. Pumpkin carvings can be original or carved from commercially available stencils, etc.
  5. Painting and attached decorations are allowed but the pumpkin must be carved too. Remember, this is a carving contest.
  6. Lots of bonus points for images of pumpkins taken in a dark room with the pumpkin lit from inside.
  7. You cannot use a photo that won an award in another BYC sponsored contest
  8. The picture needs to have been taken by you.
  9. No overly-edited images—basic editing such as cropping and other subtle changes are allowed.
  10. No screenshots, and no watermarks, date stamps, text, etc. on the picture.
  11. Extra consideration for picture quality and creativity!
  12. ALL pictures MUST be uploaded to BYC and not hosted on other image sites, personal websites, etc.
  13. Prizes are limited to one per person per contest.
  14. All BYC rules apply: Terms of Service (Rules)
  15. Entries will be accepted until October 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

First Place$50 BYC Store Gift Certificate or a 1-year PFM ($60 value) for yourself or a friend.
Second Place$30 BYC Store Gift Certificate or a 6-month PFM ($35 value) for yourself or a friend.
Third Place$15 BYC Store Gift Certificate or a 3-month PFM ($20 value) for yourself or a friend.
BYC Store Gift Certificates are available to winners that reside in the United States. If the winners are outside of the United States, they will be awarded the PFM.

From left to right, @EmilyRobb, @- Serama Mama - , & @SueT

From left to right, @Conan, @CapricornFarm, & @AnimalGeek23

Previous Pumpkin Carving Contests



If you have not yet joined us at BYC's 2021 Spooktacular Halloween Hatch-a-Long, click HERE and come say hi!​
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Yes! I have this beautiful white / orange pumpkin, im still deciding which one i should do :rolleyes: and im planning on carving a design of one of our chickens! Im so glad i got stocked on pumpkins before they got expensive here!
I love white pumpkins! @beluga3858 did a white one last year.
The deadline is on my deadline.

We still need to get more pumpkins for carving. We have 2 smaller ones, & 1, 70lb pumpkin right now.(The big one is homegrown)

Pumpkin carving is my favorite thing to do for Halloween.
You're really good! Will you be doing another chicken one this year?

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