Cackle Hatchery In Person Pick Up?


May 23, 2017
United States
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Does anyone have an experience picking up chicks in person from Cackle Hatchery? I am supposed to pick my order up on June 26th, and I was curious if anyone lived close enough to do this. I don't quite understand the process, and I was hoping some of you could describe your experiences. This is my first time getting my chicks through a hatchery instead of locally... Also, my drive will only be about an hour, and do the chicks need heating packs? I am worried some will perish without the brooder conditions they will have at home... Thanks for any help in advance. :)


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@KikisGirls I will be getting 12 chicks (4 Rhode Island, 4 Barred Rock, 4 Australorp) and some guineas, so 17 chicks and keets total.
As long as you don't blast your ac or drive the with your windows down I would think there is enough of them to keep themselves warm enough for the ride home??? Don't they sell the little heat packs at the could throw one in the box with them.

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