Cackle hatchery inbreeding?

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  1. I believe cackle hatchery may be inbreeding. When I ordered some 2 weeks ago, most died and are in general extremely unintelegent (not like chickens are the brightest to begin with). Anyone else have the same problems with them?
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    Inbreeding with chickens does not bring the same issues as with other animals. It actually improves the breeds.
    A lot of breeders do exactly that.
  3. I am so sorry that happened to you. I swear by them. Then again I also live in the same city as them too. Did you call them to tell them that they died, maybe they can replace them for you. I have had several orders from them and never lost one yet.
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    Is this from the group of 166 that we were all wishing we had room for?
  5. 166 [​IMG] wow that is a lot of chickens!!!!!
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    My mercies that IS alot of chickens! WoW!
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    Mar 3, 2008
    More info please. It is QUITE a big deal to accuse a hatchery of malpractice....especially with little info as to your OWN qualifications.
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    I recieved 15 rir's from them in late May. They all arrived very healthy. They are doing great. My only complaint is they don't answer the phone much. And didn't tell me when they would arrive until just a few days before shipment. I ordered them in April.

    I would order from them again though. I had a neighbor's friend physically go there to confirm my order and she stated it was a huge, clean state of the art hatchery........she was very impressed.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have ordered from them twice in the past and always received healthy birds. Although i did get a silkie mix the last time i ordered she looked to be a silkiexcochin but was very sweet. I hope to have the same luck because i have an order of buff orp. and dominques that should ship next monday from them.
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    I had gotten 30 meat birds fom them and all but 2 died. The 2 that lived I almost brought them back from the dead. I carried them around and held them rubbing them for about an hour then put them in the brooder and watched thm like a hawk. When I got them all they did was peep peep peep all the time and loudly.

    I even told my husband that I didn't think they were very good because they never settled down and peeped all the time. That was a bad sign to me because I have had a couple bad chicks hatch and that is all they do before they die too. They didn't even make 18 hours. I did the same thing I have done for all the others and I have only lost a couple of chicks. I just chalked it up to the shipping and the trama of being shipped.
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