Cages for button quails? (Not DIY cages)


Jan 2, 2019
Hi everybody,

I used to have a large tank for my buttons that I divided in two when they got to 6 weeks, but it was a hassle to haul around when I needed to so I resold it to a friend. I got an idea from a Facebook group to get a large guinea pig cage for them instead, but I did not realise they would be able to squeeze through the bars (and that the cat could fit her paws through) so it's currently wrapped in furniture wrap with air holes. It looks ridiculous, but it's functional!

I don't have the skill or resources to build my own cage, so y'all had any ideas for cages or light-weight terrariums I could buy, it would be greatly appreciated. I would like it to:

- Be no less than 4 square feet per couple/trio (I have one couple and one trio)
- Be able to open from the side
- Have bar spacing smaller than 1" (so they can't squeeze through)
- Up to $120 for a cage for one couple/trio OR up to $200 for a cage that's at least 8 square feet

For an example of something that I'm looking for, this was good, but the bar spacing was too wide:

The search has not been very fruitful, so I thought I could look for pointers here. Thanks in advance for any helpful responses!

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