Calico princess or...?


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Mar 19, 2018
Aprox 6 wks old
Suppose to be sorted female
Was in "rare breed mix"
80% sure from Hoover's (girl at the store couldn't confirm as they do have several suppliers but gave me a wink when I asked about this particular group of chicks).
As a few day old baby was light red with slightly darker red markings. Adult feathers coming in with darker red head and neck, splashed body.
Some possible ideas: listed as possible rare breed mix chicks from Hoovers website= blue laced red wyandotte, French Wheaten maran
Not listed as rare breed on Hoover's= calico princess
Chick color doesn't seem right for the wyandotte.
Picks attached. Baby chick pic also attached.
I have seen posts of chicks that look like that and people said Amberlinks? Not totally sure. Hope this helps a little:)
she looks a lot darker red than an amberlink, and an amberlink shouldn't have been in the rare breed mix but it might have been anyway. sometimes I guess time is the only way to tell! she's pretty regardless of what she is :)
Seems like a breed to consider. Same Czech hybridizer who did Amethyst Gem.
Sex-linked. Males are white, females, topaz/ light red-orange. Good layers.

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